**5 Wholesale Plastic Bag Suppliers in Turkey**

Are you looking for wholesale plastic bag suppliers in Turkey? If so, this article will provide you with all the details you need to get the best quality bags.

Wholesale Plastic Bag Suppliers in Turkey

There are many factories and companies specializing in plastic industries from which you can order the type of bags you need, with the specifications and designs suitable for your brand. Here are some of the top suppliers:

1- Elmuttehid Company

The best place to buy plastic bags in Turkey, Elmuttehid Company, relies on advanced technology in the manufacturing process and has a professional team capable of delivering high-quality bags. They allow you to choose the type, size, and thickness of the bags suitable for carrying items, ensuring customer satisfaction with your brand.

What sets Elmuttehid Company apart:

  • High-quality bags
  • Custom design and printing
  • Manufacturing and designing shopping, shipping, and packaging bags
  • Affordable prices to reduce operating costs and increase profits
  • Use of the latest techniques and machinery for designing and cutting bags

Contact Elmuttehid Company: 00905347852222 or visit our online store at

2- Eko Company

One of the well-known manufacturers of plastic shopping bags, Eko Company, has extensive experience in the market and offers various types of bags suitable for brands, ensuring the visibility and enhancement of your brand to your target audience. However, their product prices may be somewhat high, making them less suitable for small shops and companies.

3- Quality Company

Quality Company specializes in printing on bags and manufacturing brochures, stickers, and different types of paper for use in various advertising campaigns. They offer multiple printing services to suit different brands. However, their market experience may be limited compared to other wholesale plastic bag suppliers in Turkey listed here.

4- Elkes Company

Elkes Plastic Industries is a long-established company in the field of plastic industries, including manufacturing and printing various sizes, shapes, and uses of plastic bags. Since 1996, it has been part of the "Sidal Group for Industry and Trade," aiming to improve the quality of plastic industries by relying on the latest industrial techniques and the best expertise available in the market today to provide multiple options suitable for brands.

5- Primer Company

Primer is a distinguished company in the field of plastic and cardboard industries, offering different products suitable for brands and various needs. They make bag customization and modification very easy, ensuring high customer satisfaction with your brand.

In conclusion, these are five wholesale plastic bag suppliers in Turkey where you can purchase bags to enhance your brand and increase customer loyalty. Elmuttehid Company is among the best manufacturers and printers of plastic bags you can work with.