Shopping Bags: Everything you need to know about printing and design

Shopping bags are essential products for every retail store as they contribute to brand promotion and enhance the shopping experience for your customers, thus increasing their loyalty to your brand and its reliability. In this article, we will delve into all the details you need to know about the manufacturing of shopping bags.

What are Shopping Bags?

Shopping bags, also known as tote bags, are one type of bags used by various retail stores such as bakeries, malls, pharmacies, ice cream shops, and others to carry and present products to users in an elegant manner. As they have become printable and customizable, many brands rely on them to showcase their identity and introduce their brand to users, benefiting from brand exposure to their target audience.

Shopping bags can be made from plastic, fabric, or cardboard. However, plastic bags are the preferred option due to their ability to withstand different weights, low cost compared to other materials, lightweight, ease of storage, and resistance to water and dirt.

Types of Shopping Bags

Shopping bags come in various types based on the materials used. Here are the types of plastic shopping bags available:

1- High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Shopping Bags

These are popular plastic shopping bags made from high-density polyethylene, suitable for use in retail stores due to their high flexibility and ability to package products requiring high and low temperatures.

2- Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Shopping Bags

These are low-density plastic shopping bags, making them one of the primary choices for packaging small-sized products. They offer high flexibility to withstand high temperatures, suitable for packaging small accessories.

3- Polypropylene (PP) Shopping Bags

Extremely durable bags suitable for packaging food products such as grains, flour, sugar, corn, and others requiring a safe environment.

4- Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Shopping Bags

The most cost-effective shopping bags with a soft texture and lightweight. PVC shopping bags offer multiple design options, allowing you to create professional printing and designs with a wide range of colors and textures.

5- Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Shopping Bags

These bags are made of saturated crystalline polyester, providing strong and high-quality shopping bags that can be used in various shopping experiences to enhance your customers' loyalty to the brand.

Importance of Printing Shopping Bags for Your Business

With changing consumer behavior and the significant trend towards brands proving themselves in the market, printing shopping bags made of nylon has become increasingly important for the following reasons:

Building Your Brand: Marketing studies have shown that printing shopping bags is an effective tool for brand promotion and identification to the widest possible audience. When a customer buys from your store, giving them a bag with your store's name, logo, and contact information enables them to refer back to you anytime they need any service or product.

Additionally, customers carrying these bags with your details wherever they go act as moving billboards and low-cost advertisements.

Enhancing Brand Reliability: When your brand is constantly visible to users, they will notice it, and with repetition, they will build strong reliability with your brand. When a customer needs a product, your store will be the first place they think of.

Building Strong Customer Relationships: Plastic shopping bags are resistant to rain, water, and damage, meaning your customers will keep them for longer periods and reuse them, ensuring you build strong relationships with customers and have your brand constantly present with them.

Ensuring High Return on Investment: Shopping bags offer significant benefits that exceed their manufacturing cost, increasing in value with each use by buyers. This leads to a higher return on investment, reflecting on brand awareness.

Distinguishing Your Brand from Competitors: Today's market is highly competitive in various fields. To make your brand professional and stand out from other stores, it's essential to use shopping bags that reflect your brand to users, leaving an unforgettable impression on customers.

Shopping Bag Prices

The prices of plastic shopping bags range from $300 to $1500 per kilogram. However, these prices vary depending on the materials used in making the shopping bag, as well as the design, the quality of the handles, whether they are internal or external, and finally, the thickness and weight of the bag itself.

Best Shopping Bag Printing Company

There are many shopping bag manufacturing companies in the market today. However, not all of them offer high quality at a reasonable price. United Printing Company is one such company that provides you with an integrated shopping bag store at a reasonable cost, suitable for both small and large retail stores. They offer high quality shopping bags suitable for your needs.

How to Print Professional Shopping Bags for Your Business

To print professional shopping bags for your business, it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  1. Define your goals for shopping bags: What do you want to achieve through shopping bags? Do you want to promote your brand, stand out from competitors, or provide a good shopping experience? Your answer to these questions will help you determine your goal for shopping bags.

  2. Choose the type of shopping bags: Shopping bags come in various types depending on the shape, materials used, and purpose. You need to determine the type of bags you want to print professionally.

  3. Choose the color for shopping bags: Every brand today has colors that reflect its identity to the target audience. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the color of your shopping bag from the known options such as red, green, blue, white, and others.

  4. Choose the finishing touch: What will distinguish your shopping bags from competitors? You must have a finishing touch that distinguishes your shopping bags from those available in the market to attract attention to the brand and introduce it to the widest possible audience.


Shopping bags are essential items in any retail store, ensuring the professional appearance of your store, boosting your sales and profits by building strong relationships with your audience, and increasing the reliability of your brand.


Why are plastic shopping bags the most suitable?

Plastic shopping bags are cost-effective and suitable for carrying various goods and products. They are lightweight and easy to store.

How many shopping bags in a kilogram?

The number of bags in a kilogram varies depending on the materials used, the size, and the thickness of the shopping bag. For example, a bag measuring 22 * 30 cm with a thickness of 50 microns will have 165 bags per kilogram.