The best shopping bag factory in Türkiye and the Arab world 【Elmuttehid】

The Elmuttehid Plastic Industries is the premier shopping bag factory in Turkey and the entire Arab world. It aims to provide professional solutions in shipping, packaging, and plastic industries for various commercial projects, including shipping companies, retail stores, gift shops, and online stores. Established in 2015, it has since been offering tailored solutions for bags and packaging that meet contemporary requirements and enhance the growth of commercial projects.

The factory aims to offer high-quality and innovative products according to the needs and desires of customers, at reasonable prices, to assist small businesses in growth and reduce packaging and shopping costs as much as possible.

Get to know the approach of the Elmuttehid Plastic Industries shopping bag factory:

In Elmuttehid Plastic Industries, we provide high-quality services and ensure that you get bags that meet your various needs. Whether you have a bakery, gift shop, mall, ice cream parlor, cell phone shop, or any other commercial project, you will find our solutions available to get the quality of bags you desire in the size, shape, and design that suits you.

Believing in the positive changes that occur in brands through shopping bags, we provide multiple options to capture the attention of your customers and enhance your brand.

Our approach is based on listening to the customer first, then understanding their desires and needs, and starting the design of the bags accordingly. We also facilitate the steps of ordering bags; you can order them directly from our online store and choose the details of size, design, and colors. If you have a specific design, you can attach it to us.

We deliver shopping bags to various Arab and European countries through reliable shipping companies to ensure that you receive the shopping bags on time.

At Elmuttehid Plastic Industries, we combine craftsmanship, experience, precision, and modern technology to provide the best possible shopping experience for your customers.

What sets Elmuttehid Plastic Industries apart from other plastic factories:

We strive for your success and enhance your shopping experience through our various shopping bag options. Here's what distinguishes Elmuttehid Plastic Industries for plastic shopping bags:

- Multiple types of bags: We provide a range of the best plastic bags customized for shopping, gifts, baked goods, packaging, and shipping, using different plastic materials according to the bag's purpose.
- Fully customized shopping bags: Regardless of the bag's color or the shapes drawn on it, or if you want to add your brand logo to the bag, we can fulfill your request to get a shopping bag that aligns with your requirements and aspirations.
- Professional customer service: If you have any questions or issues regarding the bags, you can contact us to resolve them promptly and get the best shopping bags.
- We provide high-quality shopping bags: You will receive strong, high-quality shopping bags that last for a long time and withstand the weight of products, especially when used for shipping and delivery.
- High-quality distinctive printing: Printing quality is what distinguishes us at Elmuttehid  Plastic Industries for plastic bags. We ensure that your brand appears professionally and clearly to your target audience to enhance your brand and promote it.
- We offer international shipping: We provide product shipping to various countries worldwide at the lowest possible cost through our affiliated shipping companies. This ensures that you receive high-quality shopping bags delivered to your retail store at the time you desire to meet your customers' requirements.

Quality certificates obtained by Elmuttehid Plastic Industries for plastics

Elmuttehid Plastic Industries is one of the best shopping bag factories and has obtained various quality certificates in appreciation of providing high-quality products suitable for international standards:

- ISO 9001 Quality Certificate

- ISO 10002 Quality Certificate

- ISO 14001 Quality Certificate

- ISO 22000 Quality Certificate

- ISO 45001 Quality Certificate

Shopping bag prices at the best bag factory:

Shopping bag prices vary depending on the materials used, the quality of the design, the bag's thickness, and other factors. However, the price of shopping bags at Elmuttehid Plastic Industries ranges from $100 to $1000 per kilo, depending on the materials used and the quality of the bags.

Why should you print shopping bags through Elmuttehid Plastic Industries?

Elmuttehid Plastic Industries for plastic bags offers a range of distinctive shopping bags that contribute to enhancing your brand and earning your customers' loyalty. Here are the benefits of designing custom shopping bags for your retail store:

- Plastic bags made from the strongest materials.
- Bags designed according to your desired shapes and colors.
- High-quality transparent plastic bags with multiple uses.
- Beautiful bags with hand handles for easy and comfortable use.
- Durable and sturdy bags that withstand packing with various materials and do not tear quickly.

How to contact the best shopping bag factory in Turkey?

The plastic shopping bag industry is essential for every business activity. If you are one of those who want to obtain them, then you must communicate with Elmuttehid Plastic Industries in Turkey: +90 534 785 2222 or from the UAE: +971 50 388 7373.

Alternatively, you can directly order products from our online store dedicated to shopping bags and other types.

In conclusion, Elmuttehid Plastic Industries is one of the best shopping bag factories in the Arab world in general and in Turkey in particular. It offers a range of high-quality and customized products according to your interests, needs, and desires.