Shipping bag printing: all kinds of shipping bags

Are you running a business or an online store and want to create a good impression of your brand? Do you aim to provide the highest quality shipping bags to your customers? If so, in this article, we'll delve into the details you need to know about printing shipping bags.

What are Shipping Bags?

Shipping bags, also known as shipping envelopes, are essential items in the world of commerce. They are primarily used to package products to preserve them from weather conditions and ensure their delivery to the buyer in the same condition as purchased from the store or shop. They come in various types and sizes, depending on the type and size of the order and the method of delivery to the customer.

Why Should E-commerce Stores Use High-Quality Shipping Bags?

Shipping bags provide an effective way to protect and preserve orders from damage at a low cost compared to other alternatives such as cardboard or plastic boxes.

  • Cost-Effective: The low cost of shipping bags makes them an excellent choice for use by stores and shops in delivering products to buyers.
  • Lightweight: Another advantage is that printing shipping bags for your store ensures lightweight and saves more space in delivery boxes due to their very light weight.
  • Customizability: When printing shipping bags, you can easily modify their color, shape, and add your brand logo, contributing to brand recognition and professional appearance in front of your target audience.
  • Environmentally Friendly: If your brand is based on an environmental protection strategy, printing shipping bags will provide you with a recyclable and biodegradable alternative.
  • Standard Protection: Ensuring products and orders reach customers without damage is essential in commerce, and printing shipping bags through elmuttehid Company ensures maximum security and prevents damage to your orders.

Types of Shipping Bags

  • Corrugated Paper Bags: Also known as corrugated paper boxes, they are characterized by their high durability and ability to protect orders from damage. They are lightweight, thick, and sturdy, providing complete protection for fragile and small items.

Corrugated Paper Bags

  • Lightweight Paper Bags: Lightweight paper bags are a durable and lightweight option suitable for shipments that require special protection. They are suitable for shipping items such as books and electronic devices like headphones. Equipped with a strong strip for sealing, preventing dust and moisture from entering.

bag printing

  • Poly Mailers: Poly mailers are available in various shapes and types to suit various commercial purposes, including product packaging. They are tear-resistant, expandable, weather-resistant, and best suited for clothes, bedding, and other soft materials that are not prone to damage during shipping.

Shipping bag printing

  • Padded Shipping Bags: Another type of shipping bags that are padded and lightweight, with immense ability to withstand various weather conditions and absorb shocks to protect your items during transportation. They are the ideal solution for shipping products such as electronics, mobile phones, books, and more.

Shipping bag printing

What Can You Ship Using Shipping Bags?

Modern shipping bags can be used to ship various types of products, including clothes, shoes, accessories, books, magazines, and food, but after being packaged in a sturdy cardboard box and others. However, fragile and perishable items like glass should be avoided.


These are all the information you need to know about the service of printing shipping bags, and through elmuttehid Printing Bags Company, you will get the best service and the highest quality bags