Printing on plastic bags with the best quality on the market

Printing on plastic bags is a fantastic way to market your brand and enhance your business, whether you have a pharmacy, supermarket, bakery, gift shop, or any other commercial activity. They are characterized by their reasonable prices to reduce operational costs and provide the opportunity to achieve more sales.

Best Company for Printing on Plastic Bags

Elmuttahid Company is an integrated factory for manufacturing and printing plastic bags in various shapes and sizes. We provide custom manufacturing and shaping services according to your needs at reasonable prices to increase brand awareness and repeat customer purchases from your store by adding your logo, contact numbers, address, and other details you need.

You will get:

  • Plastic bags made from the strongest materials.
  • Bags designed according to your desired shapes and colors.
  • High-quality transparent plastic bags for multiple uses.
  • Beautiful bags with handle for easy and comfortable use.
  • Durable and strong bags that can withstand packing various materials and do not tear quickly.

Bulk Printing of Plastic Bags

Bulk printing of bags for various companies and stores with different shapes, colors, and details to promote your brand and introduce it. Bulk printing of plastic bags will ensure you get bags at a lower cost and take advantage of the quantity discounts offered by Elmuttahid Company. For example, when you order bags starting from 1 ton, you will get free shipping from Turkey to the UAE.

Price of Printing Plastic Bags

The price of printing transparent plastic bags 40*50 bale 20 kg ranges from $130 to $700, depending on the materials used, bag type, designs, and special shapes. There are multiple materials available for plastic bags themselves.

Types of Printing on Plastic Bags

Printing on plastic bags has various uses, so it has several types, including:

  • Shopping bags: These are one of the most common types of bags needed by various stores and brands to create a good initial impression. The logo, marketing message, and visual identity colors are added to them to reinforce them in the minds of customers.
  • Bread bags: Bags designed for bakeries and stores selling pastries, bread, cakes, etc., are specifically made with the highest possible quality to withstand heat and usage conditions.
  • Shipping packaging bags: With the spread of e-commerce, it has become necessary for stores and brands to provide bags specifically for packaging and shipping to withstand the most extreme shipping and weather conditions.
  • Gift bags: If you have a business selling gifts, printing on nylon bags allows you to get beautiful, colorful bags to evoke feelings of joy and happiness in your customers.
  • Printing on plastic bags for shipping: Shipping and delivery are essential tasks that every merchant needs to provide to add an advantage to their business efforts. It's worth mentioning that shipping bags are available in different sizes and durable to meet packaging and shipping requirements.

In conclusion, printing on plastic bags is needed by every business activity, and if you are one of those who want them, then you must contact Elmuttahid Company through the phone number: 00905347852222, or you can visit our online store: