Price of printing shopping bags: How do you reduce the cost of your bags?

The cost of printing plastic shopping bags typically ranges from $300 to $1500 per kilogram. However, these prices vary depending on the materials used in making the bags, the design, the type of handle (internal or external), and the thickness and weight of the bags themselves.

Here are some tips to help you print plastic shopping bags at the lowest cost possible, reducing your operating expenses and increasing your profit margin:

1. Determine the appropriate size and thickness of the bags

  The first step is to determine the size and thickness of the shopping bags. Larger bags with greater thickness require additional raw materials, thus increasing their cost. By optimizing the size and thickness of the bags, you can reduce costs significantly.

2. Choose the appropriate printing method

  Different printing methods have varying costs. Simpler designs with fewer colors can reduce printing expenses. Consider using methods like flexographic printing for simpler designs to lower costs.

3. Select the right company for printing plastic shopping bags

  Not all printing companies offer high-quality products at reasonable prices. Choose a reputable company like United Plastic Industries that provides quality bags at competitive prices suitable for both small and large businesses. Committing to one supplier can also reduce costs and streamline delivery processes.

4. Increase the quantity of bags ordered

   Ordering bags in larger quantities can often lead to discounts per unit, reducing the overall cost. If you regularly need shopping bags for your store, increasing the order quantity can significantly lower the cost per bag.

In conclusion, obtaining a good price for printing plastic shopping bags involves implementing practices that ensure cost reduction while providing you with affordable or low-cost plastic shopping bags. By optimizing size, selecting the right printing method and supplier, and increasing order quantities, you can achieve lower costs and obtain plastic shopping bags at the best possible price.